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Sous la Peau will be playing at Docville 2012.

The screening will take place in Cinema ZED, 4th of May at 2130HRS


Screenings of Sous La Peau at

Cinema Quartier Latin – salle 13

21-août 19h30 (with introduction by Mathias)

22-août 14h20

23-août 18h20

24-août 16h50


We are very proud to announce that Sous La Peau will be holding it’s world premier at the Montreal World Film Festival.

18-28 August 2011.


Sous la Peau will be screening in the KaskCinema in Gent on the 5th of May. It will be playing together with other works by Flemish directors under the age of 33.

Younger than Jesus,  4 & 5 May 20.30,   KaskCinema Gent


And, we’re off!

Sous La Peau is launched and off to a great start.

Tonight, tuesday 11/01 SLP will be airing on Canvas.

On thursday 13/01 there is a screening in Zebra Cinema (Z33) in Hasselt.

And to top it all of, Mathias & the movie got some good press in Vice Magazine.




We started to lose sight of the picture; we were lost in the middle. Almost finished after weeks of puzzling, but we were missing something, we didn’t know what, but we could feel it. A very recognizable problem if you are film-folk.

We needed some fresh eyes so we invited professionals over to have a first look at our work. Thanks to their input, we were able to pinpoint the problem; quicker introduction of characters, timing, false endings, … It all seemed clear to us now. Fueled by excitement, and coffee we started cutting and pasting until the break of dawn. And finally ,in that magic moment of tension and hope, we did a full run of the movie. Silent and smiling we watched the final cut fade to black. Just right, like the meticulous precision of the scalpel of our subjects. We had a picture-lock.

It had been a good decision not to show the work in progress to anyone until the very end of the editing. Because of this, the test audience of pro’s had no idea of the rest of the rushes, and could truly see the work with virgin eyes, and not be befuddled by scenes we cut, or shots we didn’t use. They had an opportunity to criticize the narrative as it was written and not be distracted by the chapters they once read which were omitted.

As of today, the movie begins the next leg of it’s journey. The film has been placed in the capable hands of Yves De Mey of Sonicville, who now has the daunting task of designing an auditive atmosphere in coherence with the core message of this documentary.


Now that we have finished the primary photography we’re going to start the storytelling-process. We have decided to hold a three day editing marathon to lay down the fundament of our storyline. These next days are filled with the daunting task of syncing, watching our characters unfold and making decisions.  This will be the first time that we can inspect every brick, start cementing and decide where we need to fill the gaps.  This will give us an oppertunity to efficiently plan the secondary photography stage.

Our hopes are up, because the images are of a great quality, but fear is just around the corner: “will our footage suffice ?  Is this our story ? What do we change & what do we keep ?”

But the thing about a documentary production is that the editing is the start of  metamorphosis and alternation. It marks the beginning of leaving the script and searching for a new,  more intimate angle or  perspective that surprises you with it’s honest beauty.




“Sous La Peau” (2010)

This website will document the creation and distribution of Sous La Peau. We wish to give those who are interested a clear insight in the production and post-production-process of this documentary. Please feel free to browse through the Stills-page, where you will find production-stills and set photo’s. These will be updated on a regular basis.
We have uploaded a teaser of the film in the Trailer-section of this site. We will post more footage of the documentary during the post-production phase.

Sous La Peau
a documentary by Mathias Verleyen

Running time : 26 minutes
Release date : 06/06/2010

(c)Men with Movie Cameras 2010